thebigburgerThat blue piece of junk mail actually contains some useful/cost-saving goodness, like 2-for-1 dinners. Yesterday’s envelope, which I received on the West Side, included buy-1-get-1s for New Delhi, The Patio, and Pat’s Cookie Jar. The New Delhi coupon will be gone in a week. I’m all about their mini pitchers of Alaskan Amber for $3.95. And you can’t go wrong with the food, either. (Is it possible to screw up naan?)

Just last week my lady and I took an out-of-town guest to The Patio using one of the things. You gotta buy two drinks, but with their descent beer selection and full bar, it’s certainly not a problem. It was an excellent meal. Our guest was so thrilled, he picked up the bill. Try their fish tacos. Though, I’ve got my eye on their $10 burger next time. Think about it: if you both order burgers, that’s a seriously cheap date. So, tell her to order burgers, and you’ve got this recession thing under control.

If you’ve already tossed your ValPak (and I hardly blame you), you can still score some coupons on their Web site.