jacksonDeborah Jackson didn’t plan to run for mayor. She’d considered a run for a different elected office, but until she met with a few supporters of former mayoral candidate Mike Shepherd on Saturday, she hadn’t given a run any thought. But her friends and fellow supporters encouraged her to run. So she thought about it. She consulted her “higher power.” And on Tuesday, the executive of the non-profit Surviving Change made her write-in campaign for mayor of Bremerton official. (Read Mike Shepherd’s comments here.) Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

Why did you decide to run for mayor?

I felt like the people weren’t left with a choice. Everybody comes and talks about the committees that they sit on and all the stuff that they’ve done. And then I looked at what did they support? One of the candidates, they used the HUD money to build that, you know, the condominiums, you know what I’m saying? Then it was a hidden agenda for that.

We still got the homeless. We still got the people that didn’t have nowhere to take them to transitition them out of West Park to somewhere else, but then you took that money did that with it and then … welfare for the rich. You know what I’m saying?

There’s so much that I’m passionate about, I just feel the needs and the burdens and the cries. I weep for my community, you know what I’m saying? I advocate. I’m in the courts, I’m in the schools, I’m down in Olympia. I fight for my people. And people don’t listen to us, like we don’t matter, we don’t care, and we don’t have a voice, when we built Bremerton.

We got all these newcomers that came here, and like, we were supposed to be stupid and ignorant. And they come with their ideals and what they think we should have, when they left out what was our real needs. The beautification and the upgrade was fine, but we still should have left our downtown. But did they come and ask the people what they wanted? Instead of like dictating to us? And these people don’t know where they belong. And I want (the people) to feel like I feel now: Free. You have a voice, and you count and you matter, you understand what I’m saying?

Michael Jackson's message to the people of Bremerton: You Wanna Be Startin' Something? You got to be starting something."

Michael Jackson's message to the people of Bremerton: You Wanna Be Startin' Something? You got to be starting something."

So, Bremelog headquarters received its first piece of snail mail this week. Nice chap by the name of Jerry Scott, who believes that the new tunnel downtown (that’s why you don’t have your McDonalds. OK, one of the reasons), should be named after the man who was its “most ardent supporter and led the way to get this tunnel built.” He thinks the tunnel should be named the Bozeman Tunnel after Mayor Cary Bozeman.

And while I think a strong case can be made for Mr. Bozeman, I think Mr. Scott and other Bremerton do-gooders should consider the following options:

“Gibb’s Place,” after Bremerton son/Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben “I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Tunnel?)” Gibbard

“P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Tunnel),” in honor of Bremerton son Quincy Jones, producer of the Michael Jackson album Thriller and its track “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”

“L. Ron Tunnel,” after onetime Bremerton resident and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

“Mike Hale’s  Tunnel of Love,” in return for Mike Hale putting a Hale’s Ales in Tim Ryan’s new building next to the Admiral (no brewery, no deal, Mike!).

I’m just realizing that these are all after men, and this is completely sexist. Oh, wait, I got one.

“Bremelo Underground”