All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

Dear Winslow: I discovered an interesting thing the other day when I found myself on the Web site associated with the Bainbridge Island newspaper of record, The Bainbridge Review, a rag I’ve oft heard you describe as Port Madison’s New Yorker. As I maneuvered the site — and please, don’t ask me why I was there — I couldn’t help but notice that your newspaper, your public mouthpiece, your agenda-setting, game-changing, career-making operation REFUSES to acknowledge Bremerton’s existence. By extension, so does the entire Island. How did I discover this little-know fact you ask? Well it’s simple, really. I searched for the word “Bremerton” on The Review’s Web site.
This is what I got back.
Turns out that for however many years The Review’s been “The Only Newspaper In the World The Cares About Bainbridge Island” it’s also been “Just Another Newspaper That Doesn’t Give a Shit About Bremerton.”

Not that I care.

The Bremelogger

Postscript: It’s been brought to my attention that when you now search for “Bremerton” several articles are returned. Whatever. I’ve made my point.