daryl-daugs-downloadThis is the first in a series of interviews with the men and woman who want to be Bremerton’s next mayor. I’ll have my conversation with Will Maupin up soon. Promise.

In my takeaway remarks from last week’s Eggs & Issues breakfast with the mayoral candidates I noted that “Daryl Daugs sounds almost as anti-Bozeman as Shepherd.” The first thing he did when we sat down to eggs and issues at the Coffee Club, recently, was inform me that he was nothing like Councilman Mike Shepherd. “My campaign is not that everything that’s happened over the last eight years is crap.”

Among the topics discussed, Daugs had the following to say over a taco omelet and more cups of coffee than I can count:

On the notion that the Bozeman administration focused on downtown at the expense of neighborhood streets and sidewalks:

We have (some) original pavement and original sidewalks. The idea that we haven’t been maintaining and replacing sidewalks and the streets in the neighborhoods suddenly in the last eight years is not true. It’s been like that for a long time. As far as the stuff that’s gone on downtown. I haven’t liked how everything’s been accomplished downtown, but I like the flavor.

On neighborhoods other than downtown:

If you look at cities like Seattle and Bellevue … they used to have neighborhoods with distinct flavor and they become very homogenized. Take for example the community of Ballard. Ballard used to be the great little quirky little Norwegian fisherman community to go to. It’s completely lost that flavor. Everything in Seattle kind of looks the same no matter where you go to.

The people that have brought houses in Manette want to focus in Manette and the unique flavor of Manette. Same with the newer people who are moving into the downtown corridor. We really need to focus on that. (more…)

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

Damn, Winslow: I take off for a couple days and all hell breaks loose. Consider the following:

— After years of shitting on Bremerton, Bainbridge finally shits on itself.

— After years of leading Bainbridge, the island finally leads its mayor out the door.

— After 75+ years as the Park Avenue Diner and several months in purgatory, that space on 5th and Park has turned into the Coffee Club Diner. We visited on opening week. Give it some time. Our breakfast options aren’t multiplying …

— August Wynn, the best place for open-faced Mediterranean omelets, has closed. This. Completely. Sucks.

— The Pumas are kicking ass: I guess it should have been a no brainer that we needed to call in professionals to get a winning team in Memorial Stadium.

— Cary Bozeman isn’t the mayor of bremerton. And there are only three people in Bremerton not vying to take his place.

Am I forgetting anything?

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