Nice overview of the situation in today’s Kitsap Sun by Steve Gardner in “Options, Challenges Aplenty in Bremerton Mayor Race,” almost as many options and challenges as you’ll find in Tuesday’s mayoral forum at AA China Buffet (7 p.m.).

Daryl Daugs once again calls his campaign “personal.”

Carlos Jara says an Ikea in West Bremerton isn’t an nonnegotiable element of his vision for Bremerton, as long as the city gets something big and unique to Bremerton in Kitsap, something the city’s been without since the closing of Angel’s Homestyle Buffet.

Patty Lent again said that priority number 1 is balancing the budget, and priority number 2 is getting something from the D.C. numbers in her rolodex.

Will Maupin gave Grumpy Gary Sexton credit for the design of the Harborside Fountain Park, but said his leadership at PSNS literally paved the way for the space to be available for beautification by the city.

Mike Shepherd inferred*: “Suuuuuuuuure, now that Cary Bozeman’s not running for mayor everyone’s interested and qualified. Where were you six months ago when I was the only person saying that downtown isn’t everything and wouldn’t those of you who live on streets are that only visited by people who live on those streets like shiny new sidewalks?”

*Note: Some exageration on the part of the editor, who has been consuming >$3 wine since 5:30.