We're not in Frosty's anymore, Toto. Retro Dogz is at 701 Pacific Avenue in downtown Bremerton.

We're not in Frosty's anymore, Toto. Retro Dogz opens in the next couple weeks at 701 Pacific Avenue in downtown Bremerton.

“(Customers) can expect the same quality,” says Chris Bortisser, the proprietor of Retro Dogz and former owner of Manette’s August Wynn. But that’s basically the extent of the similarities between his old digs and the hot dog restaurant he and co-owner Michelle Golden have planned for the space formerly inhabited by Frosty’s on Pacific Avenue. They hope to serve their first dogs within the next two weeks.

For this project, Bortisser says he’s all about offering a laid-back hot dog experience with an adventurous array of toppings, weekly specials, and a few other sandwiches — egg salad, tuna salad — that can be served on a hot dog bun. He also plans to bring in black and white cookies and knishes to a menu that will be hardly any longer than that of a street vendor you’d find in Manhattan. “Which is to say, not a whole lot of choices, usually,” Bortisser says.


The fireworks get started at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the ballroom of Bremerton’s Kitsap Conference Center (you know, the place behind Anthony’s at the ferry terminal). Yes, that means you can take full advantage of Anthony’s happy hour (3 to 6:30 p.m.) before you get talking about public options, death panels, and underground tunnels.

The whole event will be broadcast live on KitsapSun.com if you insist on participating in democracy from the comfort of your couch. Here’s hoping for a lively, respectful debate, Bremeton style.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

Dear The Bremelogger: I’m sure you’re still sleeping off an Independence Day bender of tater tots and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, so, you’re hearing this for the first time: The Bremerton Underground Transportation Tunnel (BUTT) is finally open for business. I can hardly contain my excitement.

Yes,  occasionally my dementia kicks in at Coleman Dock and 45 minutes after I board the ferry I realize that the boat smells of cat vomit and I’ve still got 15 minutes till I reach shore, and not possibly en route to my own private tree house that is Bainbridge. It is during these senior moments that I’ve prayed for a way out of downtown Bremerton faster. Even if only 3 minutes faster. $54 million for this luxury? Peanuts! Worth every penny! Do you need more? I’m sure I can find some cash for the cause. I know you got the tunnel with funding from the feds. I’m sure that was a hard pitch to make.

I can hear Norm pitchin’ this on the floor of the House: “Hey, Jay, for $54 million I’ll get your people out of downtown Bremerton faster than you can say Bjorn Lomborg.”

Inslee, sounding like a three-pack-a-day man: “Well, heck, Dicks, if I get you $300 mill, can you take us all the way to Kitsap Way?”

The whole country can’t wait to get out of Bremerton fast enough. I love it.

Bremerton’s all about building its downtown, and they built a quick way to get people out of it. Sure, sure, you want to make it a walkable town. And that’s exactly what both those people walking downtown wanted, a safer walk. Those pesky cars shooting off the ferry, what, three times a day were really gummin’ up the works, weren’t they?

Old Man Winslow