Royal Crown Revue

When: 8 p.m., Saturday March 7

Where: The Admiral Theater

Cost: $18 to $35

Does anyone else remember that 15 minutes in 1998 when swing was going to be the new thing? Few of the heavy-hitters: the amazingly titled Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and their hit “Zoot Suit Riot”; Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and their “You & Me & the Bottle Makes Three Tonight”; and then the third stringers Royal Crown Revue and whatever they were slinging. The latter’s making a stop for a sit-down affair at The Admiral. It’s amazing/not surprising that all three of these bands have gone the way of the Four Freshman, and taken to entertaining the nostalgia set. This will be, after all, the same crowd that sits through the 21st Century Benny Goodman Orchestra.

But, hey, we’re calling this is the high point of the Admiral season. That is, until the June. 19 showing of Planet of the Apes.