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We're not in Frosty's anymore, Toto. Retro Dogz is at 701 Pacific Avenue in downtown Bremerton.

We're not in Frosty's anymore, Toto. Retro Dogz opens in the next couple weeks at 701 Pacific Avenue in downtown Bremerton.

“(Customers) can expect the same quality,” says Chris Bortisser, the proprietor of Retro Dogz and former owner of Manette’s August Wynn. But that’s basically the extent of the similarities between his old digs and the hot dog restaurant he and co-owner Michelle Golden have planned for the space formerly inhabited by Frosty’s on Pacific Avenue. They hope to serve their first dogs within the next two weeks.

For this project, Bortisser says he’s all about offering a laid-back hot dog experience with an adventurous array of toppings, weekly specials, and a few other sandwiches — egg salad, tuna salad — that can be served on a hot dog bun. He also plans to bring in black and white cookies and knishes to a menu that will be hardly any longer than that of a street vendor you’d find in Manhattan. “Which is to say, not a whole lot of choices, usually,” Bortisser says.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

Dear The Bremelogger: I must admit that since we began our unfortunate correspondence, I’ve taken great pleasure in rediscovering The Bremerton Sun. Why, just yesterday I learned that a “thrill seeker” from Bothell took a plunge from the Manette Bridge. I think the Sun has the facts a little shaky, however. I don’t think he was seeking a thrill. He was seeking escape. But what the poor soul doesn’t understand is that you can jump off the Manette Bridge until you’re blue in the face, and it isn’t going to get you out of Bremerton. It’s just going to put you in a Bremerton jail. Which, you must admit, is something of a redundancy.

I also learned recently that Bremerton’s Kitsap Wine Festival was a “Sold-Out Success,” Saturday at that copper park you have down on the water. Couple things:

1. It was smart of the powers that be to call it the “Kitsap” Wine Festival. Bremerton concerns long ago realized that — and I’m breaking this down so you can understand — Bremerton is the Night Train of civic brands.

2. This is pretty impressive feat, especially for Bremerton. You were able to convince 500 people to get in their yachts, float up to the marina (plenty of parking, I’m sure), visit their friends at the retirement home/condos downtown, and enjoy $45 worth of wine. It kind of makes me wonder what kind of retailers you’re going to “attract” to those empty buildings. I’m guessing Coldwater Creek, a funeral parlor, and an IZOD outlet.

BTW, I see that you had Eddie Money in town last night. It really brings new meaning to Money line “I’ve got two tickets to paradise,” doesn’t it? I mean, singing that from Bremerton, the man could be talking about anywhere.


Old Man Winslow

This photo does not do the tamales justice. I blame the photographer.

This photo does not do the tamales justice. I blame the photographer.

Yes, La Poblanita is the taqueria next to the Hot Iron Bar & Grill, that thing that used to be The Ponderay. The tamales are only $1.25, and come in chicken or pork. I suggest the pork, but if you’re having more than a couple, I’d mix it up.

Yes, have more than a couple. They have tacos, too. Seriously, for $5, you can get a pair of tamales and a pair of tacos. Best. Deal. In. Bremerton. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, ask Angela.

Yes, the tamales are handmade. Daily. Which is why they’re delicious. I think. Though if I found out tomorrow that they were actually from the frozen food section at Costco, I wouldn’t be let down.

Yes, you can also buy paper-think carne asada in the back.

Jack Black, on the K-Sun endorsement: “A sly declaration of new classic status slipped into a list of old safe ones. Very pussy.”

Nice overview of the situation in today’s Kitsap Sun by Steve Gardner in “Options, Challenges Aplenty in Bremerton Mayor Race,” almost as many options and challenges as you’ll find in Tuesday’s mayoral forum at AA China Buffet (7 p.m.).

Daryl Daugs once again calls his campaign “personal.”

Carlos Jara says an Ikea in West Bremerton isn’t an nonnegotiable element of his vision for Bremerton, as long as the city gets something big and unique to Bremerton in Kitsap, something the city’s been without since the closing of Angel’s Homestyle Buffet.

Patty Lent again said that priority number 1 is balancing the budget, and priority number 2 is getting something from the D.C. numbers in her rolodex.

Will Maupin gave Grumpy Gary Sexton credit for the design of the Harborside Fountain Park, but said his leadership at PSNS literally paved the way for the space to be available for beautification by the city.

Mike Shepherd inferred*: “Suuuuuuuuure, now that Cary Bozeman’s not running for mayor everyone’s interested and qualified. Where were you six months ago when I was the only person saying that downtown isn’t everything and wouldn’t those of you who live on streets are that only visited by people who live on those streets like shiny new sidewalks?”

*Note: Some exageration on the part of the editor, who has been consuming >$3 wine since 5:30.

David Nelson, blogger/editor at Kitsap Sun.

David Nelson, blogger/editor at Kitsap Sun.

Now that I’ve got your attention … This is a good one from D. Nelson and our frenemies over at the Bremerton Beat. I’ve heard him elude to the “Bremerton is the next Bremerton” mantra before, and he nails it in this post.

But, David, I just want to set something straight: I started the “Bremerton is the next Bellingham”!!! In irony, mind you. But I started it, Nelson! I also said years ago that that Poulsbo development with Wall-Mart and Home Depot (we used to call it Olhava) would get a Chilli’s. I’m still waiting on that. And I guess Bremerton’s not yet Bellingham.

K-Sun’s is aggregating ferry stories from around the sound. Read it and weep.