gibbyI can’t say I’m extremely surprised that Death Cab for Cutie, fronted by Bremerton son Benjamin Gibbard, aren’t playing Bremerton this spring. Echoes of their April gig at The Admiral are still ringing between Sixth and Warren. But, let’s not forget that Gib, during his April set, said he was sorry the band had never played Bremerton before, and that they “wouldn’t wait so long next time.” So, dear readers, stay tuned for a DCFC or Gibby solo show sometime …

In other Gibbard news. It is by now common knowledge that the man’s engaged to be married to hot elf Zooey Deschanel. And as our friend Angela Dice points, please be on your best behavior if you see the pair enjoying an afternoon in the fountain park, or shopping for a condo.

OK, and while we’re on the topic of Gibbard and the band’s Admiral show … I remember he had more than a couple things to say about the trials of catchin’ the last boat home from Seattle. In fact, he may be the most high-profile Bremerton rider we’ve got. Perhaps he could lend a hand and testify in front of the state legislature when they take up this business of paring down our run to one boat. I’m just saying.