photohifiSo, there I was, sitting at the bar at Bremerton’s Hi-Fidelity last weekend when a sailor took notice of my beverage. I informed him that it was, indeed, a gimlet: gin, sugar, and lime juice. He was intrigued, and I offered him a chance to get his lips around it. He did, and he loved it. For the next 35 minutes, he an I kept ordering gimlets and we each drank from all the glasses that came our way. A little strange, I admit.

At any rate, gimlets and cheeseburgers are flowing this weekend at Hi-Fidelity. I only order gimlets at the Hi-Fi. I mean, I have the occasional beer, but this is the only place I drink gimlets. It’s also the only place I share gimlets with sailors.

This photo does not do the tamales justice. I blame the photographer.

This photo does not do the tamales justice. I blame the photographer.

Yes, La Poblanita is the taqueria next to the Hot Iron Bar & Grill, that thing that used to be The Ponderay. The tamales are only $1.25, and come in chicken or pork. I suggest the pork, but if you’re having more than a couple, I’d mix it up.

Yes, have more than a couple. They have tacos, too. Seriously, for $5, you can get a pair of tamales and a pair of tacos. Best. Deal. In. Bremerton. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, ask Angela.

Yes, the tamales are handmade. Daily. Which is why they’re delicious. I think. Though if I found out tomorrow that they were actually from the frozen food section at Costco, I wouldn’t be let down.

Yes, you can also buy paper-think carne asada in the back.