Mary Doyle shares a studio with her squeeze, Bub Pratt, in the basement of the Amy Burnett Gallery, 296 Fourth Street.

Mary Doyle shares a studio with her squeeze, Bub Pratt, in the basement of the Amy Burnett Gallery, 296 Fourth Street.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

This is all relatively crazy news. But, you remember the grunge-era band TAD? Well, leader Tad Doyle has a “new” (read: it’s not actually “new” it’s just not TAD) band called Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. Brothers is releasing a split 10-inch record with Mico De Noche. I can tell you that Brother of the Sonic Cloth makes some of the most delicious, sweaty, heavy tunes I’ve allowed into my sphere in years.

So, yeah, the limited-edition (500) vinyl was produced by Bremerton son Tony “T-Dallas” Reed (Mos Generator) and is being released on Bremerton’s Violent Hippy Records. We sent Doyle a note this afternoon to see if making a record for a Bremerton label obliges him to play a Bremerton show. I think it does, right? They are playing Seattle’s Comet Tavern on Oct. 10. But who doesn’t? Tad, how about a Bremerton show, dude?

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Sure, Kid Rock completely sucks. But we need him in Bremerton. Well, East Bremerton at least.

Sure, Kid Rock completely sucks. But we need him in Bremerton. Well, East Bremerton at least.

I saw three EndFests in Bremerton (’97, ’99, and 2000). Yes, Bremerton. Some people like to pretend the fairgrounds aren’t Bremerton. Well, if you’re coming from anywhere other than West Bremerton, those grounds are Bremerton. And on those Bremerton grounds I saw atrocious bands like Korn, Blink-182, Moby, Everlast, Kid Rock, and, yes, RADIOHEAD (that was in ’97, and they shared the afternoon bill with Matchbox 20, before they were Matchbox Twenty).

Those shows — particularly 1997, which I will forever remember as one of my favorite shows — were epic. They were sweaty. Sometimes violent. And we didn’t have to take a ferry to see them. Eveyrone else took the ferry. It was a holiday. And I want it back.

Sure, my tastes have evolved a bit — it seems like everyone else was weened on hot shit like David Bowie and The Smiths while I came of age on “Bawitdaba” — but we all need the rock. And we all want to take the ferry less and less. I’m getting old, and I’m sick of taking the 12:50 ferry. And I’m sick of the “Kingdome” parking lot (where I saw a recent EndFest with the “Smashing Pumpkins”). And I’m even more sick of Auburn’s White River Amphitheater.

Yes, I know Bremerton has its problems. But I don’t know sane individuals who would rather drive to White River than the fairgrounds.

Let’s start it right now: BRING ENDFEST 19 (in 2010) BACK TO BREMERTON!

P.S. EndFest 18, featuring Blink-182 and Weezer plays Auburn’s White River Amphitheater on Sept. 10.

Tonight at the fairgrounds. Damn.

Michael Moore’s had a story in Friday’s Sun about The Admiral adding Boyz II Men to the roster. This is a perfect booking for the theater’s subscription base of grandparents and their children’s children. Catch them on June 5, 2010.

Speaking of grandparents, The Admiral also booked dirty old man Leo Kottke. Anyone who’s seen him perform knows his set — and stories — are not to be missed. He’s in town on October 24.

Royal Crown Revue

When: 8 p.m., Saturday March 7

Where: The Admiral Theater

Cost: $18 to $35

Does anyone else remember that 15 minutes in 1998 when swing was going to be the new thing? Few of the heavy-hitters: the amazingly titled Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and their hit “Zoot Suit Riot”; Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and their “You & Me & the Bottle Makes Three Tonight”; and then the third stringers Royal Crown Revue and whatever they were slinging. The latter’s making a stop for a sit-down affair at The Admiral. It’s amazing/not surprising that all three of these bands have gone the way of the Four Freshman, and taken to entertaining the nostalgia set. This will be, after all, the same crowd that sits through the 21st Century Benny Goodman Orchestra.

But, hey, we’re calling this is the high point of the Admiral season. That is, until the June. 19 showing of Planet of the Apes.

gibbyI can’t say I’m extremely surprised that Death Cab for Cutie, fronted by Bremerton son Benjamin Gibbard, aren’t playing Bremerton this spring. Echoes of their April gig at The Admiral are still ringing between Sixth and Warren. But, let’s not forget that Gib, during his April set, said he was sorry the band had never played Bremerton before, and that they “wouldn’t wait so long next time.” So, dear readers, stay tuned for a DCFC or Gibby solo show sometime …

In other Gibbard news. It is by now common knowledge that the man’s engaged to be married to hot elf Zooey Deschanel. And as our friend Angela Dice points, please be on your best behavior if you see the pair enjoying an afternoon in the fountain park, or shopping for a condo.

OK, and while we’re on the topic of Gibbard and the band’s Admiral show … I remember he had more than a couple things to say about the trials of catchin’ the last boat home from Seattle. In fact, he may be the most high-profile Bremerton rider we’ve got. Perhaps he could lend a hand and testify in front of the state legislature when they take up this business of paring down our run to one boat. I’m just saying.


esquirejanIn their January 2009 issue, Esquire chats up Bremerton son Quincy Jones for their “Meaning of Life” bonanza. They interviewed a subject from each state, and notes that “Jones moved to Bremerton, a suburb of Seattle, when he was ten years old.” I’ve never considered Bremerton a suburb, but I won’t split hairs here. In the interview, the man who’s made records with everyone from Count Basie to Michael Jackson says:

“When you chase music for money, God walks out of the room.”

Legendary music journalist Ben Fong-Torres is at work on a biography of Jones.