All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

Dear Old Man Winslow: I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. I guess I don’t have any good excuse. I mean, I did leave Bremerton for a few years, and kept myself busy doing “city” things and making babies. But now I’m back.

When was the last time you were in Bremerton? You’d be amazed at all the progress: the streets are narrower, there’s a movie theater, and Carlos Jara, a 2009 mayoral candidate, put in a great new bar called the Toro Lounge. And I haven’t even gotten to East Bremerton yet! There’s a new McDonald’s, a new Starbucks and a shiny new Kitsap Bank!

Oh, and, you remember that polluted strip of land at the end of my street? Good news! The EPA finally named it a superfund site, which means there’s going to be all kinds of money to clean it up. It’s all looking up over here.

Hope you’re well. Type at me soon.

— The Bremelogger