August 2009

photo(5)Between the time he was called to dinner and finally took his seat, Thursday evening, I had a chance to catch up with former Bremerton mayoral candidate Carlos Jara. He was reorganizing his office when I called, cleaning up what became ground zero for his long-shot campaign for mayor.

From the beginning Jara — the youngest, least politically experienced, and final candidate to enter the five-person primary campaign — knew he was the underdog. But at the end of the day, he brought in 12 percent of the vote, earned the endorsement (along with Will Maupin) of the Kitsap Sun’s editorial board, and impressed finalist Patty Lent enough for her to proclaim that he would make a fine candidate for small-business liaison.

Here’s what we talked about:


photohifiSo, there I was, sitting at the bar at Bremerton’s Hi-Fidelity last weekend when a sailor took notice of my beverage. I informed him that it was, indeed, a gimlet: gin, sugar, and lime juice. He was intrigued, and I offered him a chance to get his lips around it. He did, and he loved it. For the next 35 minutes, he an I kept ordering gimlets and we each drank from all the glasses that came our way. A little strange, I admit.

At any rate, gimlets and cheeseburgers are flowing this weekend at Hi-Fidelity. I only order gimlets at the Hi-Fi. I mean, I have the occasional beer, but this is the only place I drink gimlets. It’s also the only place I share gimlets with sailors.

wsbrewWEB“If you can die at any moment, you might as well drink beer.”

Check out the results of the club-sponsored 2009 Kitsap County Fair Homebrew Competition.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

Dear Old Man Winslow: How kind of you to write. I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about us. And I’m glad to hear that you “read” about Bremerton’s Kitsap Wine Festival. But I have a sneaking feeling it was you and your kind who consumed the tickets. I mean, when Bremertonians spend $45 on wine, it’s delivered by the case.

Hey, before you go, I’ve got a question for you. Actually, it’s more like a story.

You see, every day I take the ferry. And until a couple weeks ago, I sat in the same spot every day. It’s a pretty plumb spot, so I don’t want to give it away. Like I said, until a couple weeks ago it was mine. Every day. Without question. Then, one day, there was a … how should I say, a “problem” with the seat of another regular in my seating section. And he took my spot before I got on the boat. Now he’s discovered the subtle pleasures of my seat and won’t go back. Every morning I get on the boat hoping for my old place back. And every morning I see his smug face below an atrocious hair cut in a spot that’s rightfully mine.

What would Bainbridge do? Islanders are more particular about their assigned seats on those super collosal jumbo boats you’ve got over there. How do you handle these situations? Should I say something? Offer him Chapstick and the name of a good barber?


The Bremelogger

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

Dear The Bremelogger: I must admit that since we began our unfortunate correspondence, I’ve taken great pleasure in rediscovering The Bremerton Sun. Why, just yesterday I learned that a “thrill seeker” from Bothell took a plunge from the Manette Bridge. I think the Sun has the facts a little shaky, however. I don’t think he was seeking a thrill. He was seeking escape. But what the poor soul doesn’t understand is that you can jump off the Manette Bridge until you’re blue in the face, and it isn’t going to get you out of Bremerton. It’s just going to put you in a Bremerton jail. Which, you must admit, is something of a redundancy.

I also learned recently that Bremerton’s Kitsap Wine Festival was a “Sold-Out Success,” Saturday at that copper park you have down on the water. Couple things:

1. It was smart of the powers that be to call it the “Kitsap” Wine Festival. Bremerton concerns long ago realized that — and I’m breaking this down so you can understand — Bremerton is the Night Train of civic brands.

2. This is pretty impressive feat, especially for Bremerton. You were able to convince 500 people to get in their yachts, float up to the marina (plenty of parking, I’m sure), visit their friends at the retirement home/condos downtown, and enjoy $45 worth of wine. It kind of makes me wonder what kind of retailers you’re going to “attract” to those empty buildings. I’m guessing Coldwater Creek, a funeral parlor, and an IZOD outlet.

BTW, I see that you had Eddie Money in town last night. It really brings new meaning to Money line “I’ve got two tickets to paradise,” doesn’t it? I mean, singing that from Bremerton, the man could be talking about anywhere.


Old Man Winslow


“They’re not responsive to the needs of the community,” mayoral candidate and City Councilman Mike Shepherd says of Patty Lent and Will Maupin, his rivals who appear headed for November’s general election. “They’re both largely financed by developers and corporations and that’s just not who we are.”

With barely a handful of votes left to be counted, Shepherd doesn’t expect his 1,329 votes (23.8 percent) in the Aug. 18, primary election to catch up to former Kitsap County Commissioner Lent’s 1,474 (26.44 percent) or City Councilman Maupin’s 1,604 (28.77 percent). ”

While Shepherd says he’s not “Not a conceder … I can’t can’t imagine the numbers changing a whole lot.”

Shepherd, who was former mayor Cary Bozeman’s only competitor before Bozeman abruptly dropped out of the race and resigned from office to become the CEO of the Port of Bremerton, says he’s gonna take the next couple weeks off before moving onto his next project: opposing the $30 car tab proposal that voters will see on the November ballot. “That’s the way it is,” Shepherd said. “I’ll move on to the car tabs issue and working for the people that elected me (for city council).”

— Chris Kornelis

This photo does not do the tamales justice. I blame the photographer.

This photo does not do the tamales justice. I blame the photographer.

Yes, La Poblanita is the taqueria next to the Hot Iron Bar & Grill, that thing that used to be The Ponderay. The tamales are only $1.25, and come in chicken or pork. I suggest the pork, but if you’re having more than a couple, I’d mix it up.

Yes, have more than a couple. They have tacos, too. Seriously, for $5, you can get a pair of tamales and a pair of tacos. Best. Deal. In. Bremerton. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, ask Angela.

Yes, the tamales are handmade. Daily. Which is why they’re delicious. I think. Though if I found out tomorrow that they were actually from the frozen food section at Costco, I wouldn’t be let down.

Yes, you can also buy paper-think carne asada in the back.

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