diddydddThere are only a few hours left to get your ballots in the mail before Tuesday’s primary election. Here’s a quick look at what Bremerton’s five candidates for mayor had to say about downtown. Click the candidate name to read the full conversation. Now don’t forget to vote!

Mike Shepherd: “You know, you get your basic structures, then you have to work on the people in the immediate area and start filling it in with families. So that it’s vigorous and there’s people around, then businesses will come and provide those things that the people want. The problem is though that the people that we expected to move here aren’t moving.”

Will Maupin: “Until the city of Bremerton becomes a vibrant urban center, Bremerton is always going to be seen as second class. And it will extend out to help everybody in the city. It will bring in more revenue, allow the city to provide more services, provide more money to do things outside the downtown core. But I would definitely not be as focused on just the downtown core as Bozeman has been.”

Patty Lent: “I thought that Cary had a good start. I thought he brought in some good changes. But I think that the rest of the city limits missed out on what he was accomplishing. And if you don’t have a new look you’re not going to attract new businesses or residents. He accomplished that. Now I want the rest of the city limits to take and have some of that success and some of that invigoration.”

Daryl Daugs: “One of the things that helps out with downtown is that it actually can become a destination …. and that doesn’t mean that people have to live there. The downtown area will be much better off when the condos are full. And when Ron Sher’s building has retail in it and residential is full.”

Carlos Jara: “The mayor, for all the good things he did in the community, you never really saw him in other businesses down here. How often would you come downtown and see him in Fritz? You sure saw him at Anthony’s. You sure would saw him at Starbucks. I don’t believe that. I would be in every business in the community, checking in on them. Because I’m part of that business community. The most important thing for me as mayor for me is checking in on them.”