All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev.

Just thumbing through a few public disclosures and noticed that during his time running/not running for mayor, Cary Bozeman brought in $47,237 for his re-election campaign since 2007. That easily makes him the money leader in the race, even though he is no longer running. According to documents filed with the Public Disclosure Commission, Bozeman spent $33,685 of his haul, $3,150 of it refunding contributions.

As for the remaining $14,000 or so, Bozeman said in an email: “As soon as the primary is over I will be donating my funds to the Harrison Medical Center Foundation.”

Lori Anderson, a spokesperson for the state’s Public Disclosure Commission says that Bozeman is not required to return any of the campaign contributions, and that he is allowed to spend the surplus by donating to a charitable organization registered with the Secretary of State.

He made the following reimbursements:
— James Nall, $1,500
— American Maritime International Inc., $1,000
— Guy Stitt, $400
— The BJC Group Inc. $250

These gentlemen are among his contributors:
— Ron Sher: $750 (He owns the J.C. Penny’s building.)
— Tim Ryan Construction: $250 (You’ve seen his new building by the Admiral.)
— Gary Sexton: $350: He is, as Bozeman says, “The Man Behind the (Waterfront) Park.)

The rest of the field is as follows:
— Patty Lent: $34,878 and has spent $34,810
— Will Maupin: $19,990 and has spent $15,735 (Bozeman donated $100)
— Daryl Daugs: $15,410 and has spent $15,183
— Mike Shepherd: $11,397 and has spent $7,054
— Carlos Jara: $4,859 and has spent $4,929

— Chris Kornelis