August 2009

Check out the art in this picture. You can see the pie-flipper waiting to take my order.

Check out the art in this picture. You can see the pie-flipper waiting to take my order.

Yeah, I was surprised, too. I wandered into Boston’s (206 Burwell, Bremerton), absolutely starving — for food and clear-headed thinking — after Norm Dicks’ town hall meeting at the conference center. And because Fritz was closed — dude, there were hundreds of people streaming out after the town hall — I made my way up to a freshly baked pepperoni pizza, served by the slice at Boston’s, and found a new place to drink beer.

Anyway, I’m not hear to go long on the Boston’s experience, only that they serve cheap, GOOD beer all day every day, and they’re open past 9 p.m. That’s $2.35 for their bottles — Stella, Heineken, etc. — and $2 for draft beer — Sam Adams (woof!). I’ll be stickin’ with Stella.

Poster seen on the window of The Drift Inn.

Poster seen on the window of The Drift Inn.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

Dear The Bremelogger: You take the ferry because there’s nothing for you in Bremerton. Not even the employees of the county’s largest employer — PSNS — will live there. So don’t come crying to me that someone less tubby than yourself out-hustled you to the hot seat out of nowheresville.

But let’s get right down to the point. The boat’s empty, at least by Island standards. It’s empty because there aren’t many of you mental enough to necessitate proper accommodations.

We have pseudo “assigned seating” on Bainbridge Ferries because there are precious few. You on the other hand can throw a rock between you and the closest person and miss. That’s not just because you and your city has no athletic achievement to speak of. It’s because everyone else has figured out that if you don’t get back on the boat, you don’t have to return to Bremerton.

BTW, I just want to point something out. Even when we lose a boat WSF directs people away from Bremerton: “Edmonds/Kingston is strongly encouraged as an alternate route” is on repeat over there. What they’re effectively saying is Bremerton is strongly discouraged. And with good reason.

Washington States Ferries wishes Bremerton didn’t exist. So do the rest of us.

Old Man Winslow


shockerrrrOK, so it took an hour since we last checked for a gimp Bainbridge run to steal a boat from Bremerton. File this under SHOCKINGLY PREDICTABLE. Bremerton’s down to one boat for at least the rest of the day. Smart money says to check with WSF tomorrow before you get to the termingal in the morning and discover that your usual boat is servicing Bainbridge.

bainserviceHow long will it take for them to steal a boat from Bremerton? Anybody? Follow along here for details.


The fireworks get started at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the ballroom of Bremerton’s Kitsap Conference Center (you know, the place behind Anthony’s at the ferry terminal). Yes, that means you can take full advantage of Anthony’s happy hour (3 to 6:30 p.m.) before you get talking about public options, death panels, and underground tunnels.

The whole event will be broadcast live on if you insist on participating in democracy from the comfort of your couch. Here’s hoping for a lively, respectful debate, Bremeton style.

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