Needs more pork.

Needs more pork.

Will Maupin is endorsed by former mayor Cary Bozeman and wants to continue Bozeman’s vision for downtown. “My mission now is to continue change in Bremerton. A transformation has begun. I think everything we’ve done so far has been improvement to our city.”

Mike Shepherd
ran against Bozeman for nearly six months and is still campaigning against what he sees at the former administration’s tunnel vision — pun intended — toward downtown.  “Our focus has been on a few major projects in the downtown area and we haven’t really invested the time and energy in looking at the infrastructure in the outlining areas.”

Daryl Daugs sounds almost as anti-Bozeman as Shepherd. “We need to look at our local government as a service to the people. It’s purpose is not to make sure that we have the prettiest streets if it doesn’t actually serve the people. It’s to provide basic services to the individuals, to the community.”

Patty Lent’s vision for Bremerton is a balanced budget. And she’s willing to balance the budget to get there. Choice, out-of-context quote of the morning: “There has to be a way that there is a win, win, win for all of us.”

Carlos Jara’s vision for Bremerton is as a small-business mecca. He says he’s going to get there with his charisma and energy. “I definitely want to promote Bremerton as the future of Washington.”