Image courtesy of the EatThisShit blog.

Image courtesy of the EatThisShit blog.

I couldn’t help but notice a little career fair, Saturday afternoon outside the old Blockbuster building at the corner of 11th and Callow. It appears that Little Caesars doesn’t think the neighborhood is saturated enough with cheap pies and parmesan. And maybe they’re right. Although, I must admit I’m not much for classic delivery-style pizza, the Hot & Ready concept tickles me where I itch.

But, do we really need another marginal pizza joint in West Bremerton? We’ve already got Pizza Hut, Boston’s (above marginal, for sure), Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, and, of course, the the new shop that moved into the old Garlic Jim’s locale: Mad Moose Pizza. This place is an enigma to me.

I watched with great anticipation as the restaurant came together — it’s on my route, corner of Sixth and High — anxious to for a drinking hole in the neighborhood. During its soft opening it didn’t have beer. Then they added beer, tore down a wall, and started building what appears to be a bar. Up went a fish tank, in come a few handles, and … well, up went a carpet cleaning sign. The bar door’s perpetually propped open by a fan. It’s always closed before 8 p.m. From the street it looks as much like a carpet cleaning business as it does a pizza joint. I still have never been, partly because the reviews have not been good, but mainly because THEY’RE NOT OPEN WHEN I GET HOME FROM WORK. Pizza shop closed before 8 p.m.? Gah!!!

But, like I said, they have a happy hour: 4 to 6 p.m. (I’ve seen the sign through the front door.) Yes, I’m going to try this place. Any more early reviews I should know about? Is this place the next Second Park Lounge? Right, “what’s Second Park Lounge?” Exactly.