All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

Dear The Bremelogger: I’m rubbing off on you? I’m am so happy to report that I cannot say the same about you. Though, I’m sure that in the pitiful state in which you keep yourself, you leave  a residue wherever you lay your crusty little fingers.

And where have you infected of late, Logger? I have to say that I was getting a little … I won’t say worried, because responding to your painful missives isn’t a task I’d wish upon a California transplant with a 780 prefix. But considering all the ripe material you’ve had to snark on recently, I was beginning to suspect that you’d gone “underground.” You and your regional brood have much to hang your head over every day of the month. So why you didn’t come out gloating after your mayor laid the — what do the kids at North Kitsap High School say? — “smack down” on Seattle and it’s “insult to American ingenuity”?

I wouldn’t have known anything about this amusing skirmish had The Seattle Times not picked up what was apparently first reported in the Bremerton Sun. Sorry, I keep forgetting, KITSAP SUN. And that brings up something the boys were talking about at Eagle Harbor Books last week.

Seattle may have soiled Pioneer Square and squandered their waterfront, but they didn’t leave reduce their city to something so repulsive that their newspaper of record, embarrassed by the association, changed their name to King Times. Not that I blame their overlords in the Midwest. I wouldn’t want to be associated with Bremerton, either.