2winslowDear The Bremelogger:

As I’ve said before, young man, I find it horribly pretentious that you insist on including “The” in front of your handle. I can’t imagine your mother, bless her soul, ever used the article. But, there is much, Logger, in your character which I find unimaginable.

You are a constant source of amusement and frustration. But, then you enjoy that role, don’t you? You little skamp. What is this I hear about you encouraging your kind to stage a resistance, en masse, by riding The Island’s ferry during a commuter run? Don’t we have an agreement? You keep the Bremerton riff raff off my Island and I’ll ensure that Californians never catch on to your unspeakably undervalued waterfront real estate. Didn’t we vote for in favor of your little passenger-only ferry levy? Wasn’t it YOUR “peeps,” as you call them, who opposed the measure? Though, I must admit it wasn’t hard pitching a measure that would ensure fewer feet passing across The Rock.