stelllllaI just got off the phone with one Gentry Lange, and let me tell you, the co-owner of The Hi-Fidelity Lounge had some good news. (News break: I really feel like we’re whoring myself out today, what with the shilling for Valpak, of all the un-holy entities and all. Hey, we’re just trying to save y’all some coin, and get you happy and drunk in the process.)

The good news: $2 Tuesdays, during which Gentry and co., slash the prices of all their draft beers to …. well, you get the idea. Handles currently include Stella Artois, Alaskan Amber, and Hoegaarden. That officially makes this ladies night for everyone.

The only draft beer Lange’s not bringing down to $2 is the $5/9-percent Fat from Silver City. And why is that, Mr. Lange?

“If I discount it, people just get too hammered.”

Can’t argue with that.