bremelog1Dear Old Man Winslow:

Where have you been, my good friend?  It is so good to hear from you. Still squatting in an unsold condo, are we? Bah, ha. I guess that joke was only funny when our community wasn’t suffering from the same sickness.

And how were your holidays? Did you get all your Christmas shopping done on “The Island” again? I’m sure your grandchildren were just as disappointed as they were last Christmas.

As it happens, our friends at Washington State Ferries have heard our (or, most likely your) outcry against decreased service to our waters and we won’t need to stage any resistance. Yet. Which is too bad, because I was looking forward to a trip on the Tacoma, a scoop at Mora’s, and an afternoon living the “Winslow Way.” I tell you Winslow, I am looking forward to the day when we have our own Town & Country market downtown. But, I digress.

Before I let you go, I wanna talk about Pabst Blue Ribbon, which you seem to have co-opted for yourself. First of all, I drink Pabst because it’s hard to get anything better in this town. You’ve got that pub overlooking the liveaboards. We’ve got The Manette, and its ever-dwindling selection of handles.

But, as you’ve undoubtedly heard, 2009 is shaping up to be the year of the microwbrew in this town. And I’ll happily hand Pabst, Ranier, and Oly back to you, my stubby friend.

Yours in clearcutting,

The Bremelogger

P.S. Winslow, do you still pay for sex?