February 2009

From the January Article: “A Respite From Seattle, A Ferry Ride Away” (Yes, it’s about Bainbridge.)

Mr. Redish has a simpler pleasure, though: watching the ferry to Bremerton Island move stealthily from Seattle, its lights cutting through the fog. Every now and then, majestic Mount Rainier, to the south of Seattle, will peek through the clouds. “It’s really soothing and very pleasant,” he said


Royal Crown Revue

When: 8 p.m., Saturday March 7

Where: The Admiral Theater

Cost: $18 to $35

Does anyone else remember that 15 minutes in 1998 when swing was going to be the new thing? Few of the heavy-hitters: the amazingly titled Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and their hit “Zoot Suit Riot”; Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and their “You & Me & the Bottle Makes Three Tonight”; and then the third stringers Royal Crown Revue and whatever they were slinging. The latter’s making a stop for a sit-down affair at The Admiral. It’s amazing/not surprising that all three of these bands have gone the way of the Four Freshman, and taken to entertaining the nostalgia set. This will be, after all, the same crowd that sits through the 21st Century Benny Goodman Orchestra.

But, hey, we’re calling this is the high point of the Admiral season. That is, until the June. 19 showing of Planet of the Apes.

K-Sun’s WashingFerryTalk.com is aggregating ferry stories from around the sound. Read it and weep.

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

All illustrations by Jessica Randklev

Dear The Bremelogger:

Why, you little scamp! What I pay for, with whom I engage in sexual activity, and what I pay for with cash is none of your concern. Besides, nothing’s ever free, is it, Logger?

Need I remind you that those women of the night were from BREMERTON!?!? This is exactly the kind of element we’re trying to keep off the Island. And you and your cronies think it’s a good idea to build a bridge or somehow make it easier to access our place. Well, I don’t even want to think about what would happen if you got your wish. Corruption like we’ve never seen.

But, the most, or should I say only, enlightening element to your most recent parchment is originators of the article you forced upon me. Kitsap Sun? Have those Reds at the Bremeton Sun finally tried to re-invent themselves under a new moniker? I actually know the answer to this question. I asked around, and called a few expats who actually pick up the rag, and learned that it’s been several years since its name was changed. I wouldn’t know. I take The Seattle Times at home. Why would I want to know what’s going on in the rest of the county? I get enough from these diatribes you pass off as conversation.

Until next time, and hopefully that is none too soon.


stelllllaI just got off the phone with one Gentry Lange, and let me tell you, the co-owner of The Hi-Fidelity Lounge had some good news. (News break: I really feel like we’re whoring myself out today, what with the shilling for Valpak, of all the un-holy entities and all. Hey, we’re just trying to save y’all some coin, and get you happy and drunk in the process.)

The good news: $2 Tuesdays, during which Gentry and co., slash the prices of all their draft beers to …. well, you get the idea. Handles currently include Stella Artois, Alaskan Amber, and Hoegaarden. That officially makes this ladies night for everyone.

The only draft beer Lange’s not bringing down to $2 is the $5/9-percent Fat from Silver City. And why is that, Mr. Lange?

“If I discount it, people just get too hammered.”

Can’t argue with that.

thebigburgerThat blue piece of junk mail actually contains some useful/cost-saving goodness, like 2-for-1 dinners. Yesterday’s envelope, which I received on the West Side, included buy-1-get-1s for New Delhi, The Patio, and Pat’s Cookie Jar. The New Delhi coupon will be gone in a week. I’m all about their mini pitchers of Alaskan Amber for $3.95. And you can’t go wrong with the food, either. (Is it possible to screw up naan?)

Just last week my lady and I took an out-of-town guest to The Patio using one of the things. You gotta buy two drinks, but with their descent beer selection and full bar, it’s certainly not a problem. It was an excellent meal. Our guest was so thrilled, he picked up the bill. Try their fish tacos. Though, I’ve got my eye on their $10 burger next time. Think about it: if you both order burgers, that’s a seriously cheap date. So, tell her to order burgers, and you’ve got this recession thing under control.

If you’ve already tossed your ValPak (and I hardly blame you), you can still score some coupons on their Web site.

bremelog1Dear Old Man Winslow:

Where have you been, my good friend?  It is so good to hear from you. Still squatting in an unsold condo, are we? Bah, ha. I guess that joke was only funny when our community wasn’t suffering from the same sickness.

And how were your holidays? Did you get all your Christmas shopping done on “The Island” again? I’m sure your grandchildren were just as disappointed as they were last Christmas.

As it happens, our friends at Washington State Ferries have heard our (or, most likely your) outcry against decreased service to our waters and we won’t need to stage any resistance. Yet. Which is too bad, because I was looking forward to a trip on the Tacoma, a scoop at Mora’s, and an afternoon living the “Winslow Way.” I tell you Winslow, I am looking forward to the day when we have our own Town & Country market downtown. But, I digress.

Before I let you go, I wanna talk about Pabst Blue Ribbon, which you seem to have co-opted for yourself. First of all, I drink Pabst because it’s hard to get anything better in this town. You’ve got that pub overlooking the liveaboards. We’ve got The Manette, and its ever-dwindling selection of handles.

But, as you’ve undoubtedly heard, 2009 is shaping up to be the year of the microwbrew in this town. And I’ll happily hand Pabst, Ranier, and Oly back to you, my stubby friend.

Yours in clearcutting,

The Bremelogger

P.S. Winslow, do you still pay for sex?

2winslowDear The Bremelogger:

As I’ve said before, young man, I find it horribly pretentious that you insist on including “The” in front of your handle. I can’t imagine your mother, bless her soul, ever used the article. But, there is much, Logger, in your character which I find unimaginable.

You are a constant source of amusement and frustration. But, then you enjoy that role, don’t you? You little skamp. What is this I hear about you encouraging your kind to stage a resistance, en masse, by riding The Island’s ferry during a commuter run? Don’t we have an agreement? You keep the Bremerton riff raff off my Island and I’ll ensure that Californians never catch on to your unspeakably undervalued waterfront real estate. Didn’t we vote for in favor of your little passenger-only ferry levy? Wasn’t it YOUR “peeps,” as you call them, who opposed the measure? Though, I must admit it wasn’t hard pitching a measure that would ensure fewer feet passing across The Rock.