headsupWith a little luck, 2009 could shape up to be Bremerton’s Year of the Microbrewery.

Exhibit A: Heads Up

I just got off the phone with one Ted Farmer, the kilt-wearing proprietor of Silverdale’s Heads Up Brewing, which shuttered last February. He’s primed to take over Second Park Lounge in Evergreen Park (1223 McKenzie Ave., formerly Augustino and Cafe Destino). He’s invited friends and former customers to attend a Super Bowl situation at the bar, to help him determine whether he should make the space home to Heads Up Bier Bistro. The event, featuring scotch, beer and snacks, is open to the public, and Farmer’s operating the afternoon with Second Park management, under their liquor license.

Farmer says his restaurant would include high-end pub food, along with a large selection of Belgian and exotic beers. He’d also operate a bottle shop with 300+ beers, similar to his old shop in Silverdale. Thought Heads Up wasn’t known for, how should we say it, having a woman’s touch, it did have its charms. The Ronald Reagan shrine was a hit, and the entire Left Behind book series on the shelf was a go-to conversation-started. Second Park Lounge is/was an empty room with a couple of tables that sounded like the inside of gymnasium. It would be hard for Farmer to do anything but improve the atmosphere of the place.

What Heads Up had in spades was a good, large selection of beer, and a community. And a built-in, loyal following is perhaps just what this troubled, out-of-the-way location needs. Then again, Bremerton desperately needs a room with a great beer selection. There are currently none, but if the stars align, we could have three in 2009.


We already know that Mike Hale of the delicious Hales Ales is smitten to open up shop on this side this year. And with Tim Ryan’s brand new, unpleasantly empty building (w/restaurant space) just sitting next to the Admiral, we can’t think of a better match for both parties, not to mention the beer-drinking public, of which we are known to carouse.


This is just a pie in the sky right now — and what is this town without pies in the sky? — but a couple of do-gooders have applied for a license to brew beer with the liquor control board. They’re gunning for a spot on Thompson Drive, a stone’s throw from the Port Washington Marina near Bremerton High School. This project is still very much in the preliminary stages. (The landlord wasn’t even consulted before the application was filed, if that tells you anything.) But, we’re none the less excited about the groundswell of enthusiasm for quenching the thirst of local drinkers.