January 2009

headsupWith a little luck, 2009 could shape up to be Bremerton’s Year of the Microbrewery.

Exhibit A: Heads Up

I just got off the phone with one Ted Farmer, the kilt-wearing proprietor of Silverdale’s Heads Up Brewing, which shuttered last February. He’s primed to take over Second Park Lounge in Evergreen Park (1223 McKenzie Ave., formerly Augustino and Cafe Destino). He’s invited friends and former customers to attend a Super Bowl situation at the bar, to help him determine whether he should make the space home to Heads Up Bier Bistro. The event, featuring scotch, beer and snacks, is open to the public, and Farmer’s operating the afternoon with Second Park management, under their liquor license.

Farmer says his restaurant would include high-end pub food, along with a large selection of Belgian and exotic beers. He’d also operate a bottle shop with 300+ beers, similar to his old shop in Silverdale. Thought Heads Up wasn’t known for, how should we say it, having a woman’s touch, it did have its charms. The Ronald Reagan shrine was a hit, and the entire Left Behind book series on the shelf was a go-to conversation-started. Second Park Lounge is/was an empty room with a couple of tables that sounded like the inside of gymnasium. It would be hard for Farmer to do anything but improve the atmosphere of the place.

What Heads Up had in spades was a good, large selection of beer, and a community. And a built-in, loyal following is perhaps just what this troubled, out-of-the-way location needs. Then again, Bremerton desperately needs a room with a great beer selection. There are currently none, but if the stars align, we could have three in 2009.


Are we still treated like cattle? This clipping is displayed at Coleman Dock.

Are we still treated like cattle? This clipping is displayed at Coleman Dock.

There is also, of course, a petition for riders of the 21st Century, too.

Enough was filmed in Port Townsend. NEAR Bremerton.

What the crap? Hasn’t Bremerton been kicked in the cubes enough already?

emptyYes, like getting people to eat, drink, live, work, and play in downtown Bremerton.

K-Sun story here.

<i>Battle in Seattle.</i> A script for the made-for-TV movie about a pack of ravenous ferry riders in search of justice is being shopped around as we Tweet.

Battle in Seattle. A script for the made-for-TV movie about a pack of ravenous ferry riders in search of justice is being shopped around as we Tweet.

For those of you ferry riders who don’t have to work on Wednesday, Feb. 18, there’s a rally just for you in Olympia on the steps of the legislature.

For those of you working and riding the ferry on Wednesday, Feb. 18, no need to feel left out, you can still sign the petition for yourself and anyone you think would want to sign but isn’t able, and show your (and their) support for legislative action to fully fund the ferry system and not allow WSF to revert to Plan B, and cut the Bremerton run back to a single ferry. I’ve got much to say about Plan B, but I don’t feel like talking about it right now. If any of you want to chime in, please be my guest. But the misses has asked me to take a couple days a week off from discussion the situation.

OK, but, about putting up a resistance to losing a boat, I’ve got an idea for those of us who can’t make it to Olympia on the 18th ….

gibbyI can’t say I’m extremely surprised that Death Cab for Cutie, fronted by Bremerton son Benjamin Gibbard, aren’t playing Bremerton this spring. Echoes of their April gig at The Admiral are still ringing between Sixth and Warren. But, let’s not forget that Gib, during his April set, said he was sorry the band had never played Bremerton before, and that they “wouldn’t wait so long next time.” So, dear readers, stay tuned for a DCFC or Gibby solo show sometime …

In other Gibbard news. It is by now common knowledge that the man’s engaged to be married to hot elf Zooey Deschanel. And as our friend Angela Dice points, please be on your best behavior if you see the pair enjoying an afternoon in the fountain park, or shopping for a condo.

OK, and while we’re on the topic of Gibbard and the band’s Admiral show … I remember he had more than a couple things to say about the trials of catchin’ the last boat home from Seattle. In fact, he may be the most high-profile Bremerton rider we’ve got. Perhaps he could lend a hand and testify in front of the state legislature when they take up this business of paring down our run to one boat. I’m just saying.


esquirejanIn their January 2009 issue, Esquire chats up Bremerton son Quincy Jones for their “Meaning of Life” bonanza. They interviewed a subject from each state, and notes that “Jones moved to Bremerton, a suburb of Seattle, when he was ten years old.” I’ve never considered Bremerton a suburb, but I won’t split hairs here. In the interview, the man who’s made records with everyone from Count Basie to Michael Jackson says:

“When you chase music for money, God walks out of the room.”

Legendary music journalist Ben Fong-Torres is at work on a biography of Jones.

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